Leisure fishing on the Ain and Albarine rivers, classified as 1st category. These rivers offer great sensations to devote yourself to your passion, rediscover the taste for fishing or start this activity... at your own pace and in communion with nature.

Two renowned fishing spots…

The paths :

  • The AUPRA (Active Union of Fishermen of the Ain River) manages 35 kilometer(s) from Lower Ain River, classified as public domain. The route begins downstream from Varambon at the confluence with the Rhône and includes 3 no kill courses, located in Priay, Pont de Chazey and Blyes. Flowing on a bed of pebbles and having very erosive banks, the Ain river is transformed over the floods. NB: fishing is strongly influenced by the flows of the EDF Allement dams.
  • Characteristic of the rivers of the Massif du Jura, of limestone origin, Albarine is full of trout, grayling, minnows and blageons.
  • The Albarine river is non-reciprocal: these are private batches managed by two AAPPMAs (Association Approved for Fishing and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment):
    • The Albarine AAPPMA, 17 km of Albarine river, upstream, including 5 km in no-kill, on a course between Saint Rambert -Tenay - Argis - Chaley and Oncieu, has been managing heritage for more than 25 years (these are original trout).
    • The Gaul of Torcieu, 4 km linear, downstream of St-Rambert downstream of Pont Martin.


The practice of fishing is subject to regulations:

  • Any fisherman with a fishing license and a CPMA stamp (Water Environment Fishing Contribution) can fish on the entire French river public domain (in 1st and 2nd category*) with a hand-held rod.
  • In no-kill courses, only fishing with single barbless hook is authorized (by prefectural decree). The release trout and grayling is compulsory.
  • To fish with several rods on the Ain river, you must take a supplement.

*A watercourse is declared first category when the dominant group consists of salmonids (trout rivers) and second category, when the dominant group consists cyprinids (white fish), usually rivers or lowland rivers, canals, bodies of water or ponds.

Depending on your profile, and the course chosen, there are several fishing cards for sale online on https://cartedepeche.fr/

  • AUPRA : adult card/ major card/ interfederal card/ Women's Discovery card/ youth card/ Discovery card (young people under 12).
  • AAPPMA Albarine and Gaul of Torcieu: adult card/ Women's Discovery card/ youth card/ Discovery card (young people under 12).

You are on holiday in the “Pérouges Bugey Tourisme” territory for a day or a week:

  • Map daily from 10 € for the Lower Ain River, and €15 for the Albarine ;
  • Map weekly (7 consecutive days): €32 or €19,70 without tax.

Fishing contact in the Ain department: