From Pérouges to Bugey, near Lyon, guided or commented tours, to discover the short and long history of the place, in good company.

From Pérouges to Bugey, this stretch of the Ain to the east of Lyon has many guided or commented tours. Starting with the guided tour of the medieval town of Pérouges. But also visits to historical and cultural places: abbey, castles, churches, museums of all kinds… Or even pretty confidential villages with their history: winegrower, urban, ancestral... Heritage lovers will be delighted. Follow the leader !

Guided tours in Pérouges: not to be missed

Unique Most Beautiful Village in France de l'Ain, Pérouges is a gem to be explored on guided tours. The Pérouges Bugey tourist office offers different formulas for all tastes.

Historical tour

Visites guidées de la cité médiévale de Pérouges, village historique à l'Est de Lyon dans l'Ain

In 1 hour, the historical guided tours cover the essentials. History, short stories and architecture.

Family theater visit

Les visites théâtrales en costume du Moyen Age à Pérouges la cité médiévale (Ain), Plus Beau Village de France à l'Est de Lyon, ont lieu d'avril à octobre

La Dame or Sieur de Pérouges tell you about their life in the 15th century in the medieval city. A piece of cake to taste at the end of the visit.

Nocturnal and unusual visits

Visite théâtrale costumée de nuit à Pérouges en automne et vacances de la Toussaint (Ain)

In October, during All Saints' Day, the women of the Middle Ages tell you about their daily life. During the summer, historical intrigues and murder parties disrupt the tranquility of the village...

Guided tours of pretty villages and other nuggets

The tourist office also invites you to explore the stories of its pretty villages. More confidential than Pérouges, these are pearls that reveal themselves in guided tours. Also castles, churches and hidden treasures are to be discovered with our lecturer guides. Exclusive visits and games by Pérouges Bugey Tourisme, from April to October.

Wine-growing villages

Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey un village historique à 20 min de la cité médiévale de Pérouges dans l'Ain à l'Est de Lyon
  • St-Sorlin-en-Bugeoffers its half-timbered houses and its historical wine culture curious visitors. You can even hear its story from the mouth of Benoitte, a resident of the area during the Age of Enlightenment.
  • If you are interested in wine, this is Vaux-en-Bugey you have to go play. Play, yes. A investigation through village and vineyards takes you to a Bugey wine tasting.

Hidden nuggets

fresques de l'église romane de St Maurice de Gourdans, village à 10 min de la cité médiévale de Pérouges (Ain)
  • In the hollow ofroman church, of St-Maurice-de-Gourdans, a cousin of the abbey of Ainay les murals are a feast for the eyes.
  • In St-Vulbas, our guides reveal the unexpected beauties of this modern village.
  • Blyes and its priory tell you about their dark hours at the end of October.

The beautiful castles

château de Chazey sur Ain visites avec l'office de tourisme, à 10 min de la cité médiévale de Pérouges.
  • The superb castle of Chazey-sur-Ain opens its doors during the summer, on exceptional dates, in addition to the European Heritage Days.
  • The murals of the Montferrand Castle in Lagnieu immerse you in the festivities of a royal weddingL !

Guided tours and original evenings

The tourist office also likes to make you live unusual experiences, off the beaten track. Pérouges Bugey Tourisme takes you on a walk or makes you relive moments of history.

Stories & cannons

More than a funny name, a concept. The time of an evening, you are a privileged visitor. Once a year, in one exceptional place always different. Relive a historic moment, between visit and tasting. Ready to experience exclusive evenings?

Even more beautiful heritage!

Between Perouges and Bugey, this territory 40 minutes east of Lyon, the heritage is numerous. Museums, castles, churches or historic sites can be visited all year round.

Castles, abbeys and museums

  • All year round, theAbbey of Ambronay can be visited on your own or during a thematic visit.
  • Le Allymes castle can be explored in any season.
  • Museums come in all kinds: local traditions, archaeological, art, prehistory, rural and even digital…

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Do not drink and drive. Consume with moderation. Really, it's for your well-being.

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