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In Vino Visitas is a concept: la discovery of a village authentic, coupled with meeting with a winemaker terroir.

On the occasion of the Fascinant Weekend (October 16 and 17, 2021), Pérouges Bugey Tourisme offers 2 tasting visits: St-Sorlin-en-Bugey, theatrical visit by an 18th century woman et a mysterious quest in Vaux-en-Bugey

To the east of Lyon, the wine-growing villages have many stories to share. The guided tour from the village – sometimes in costume – recounts the past of places and amazing anecdotes. Here it is not the great History, it is that of the life of the people of Bugey. Then make way for conviviality with the tasting of Bugey wines! Passionate winegrowers share their secrets of wine culture with you.

The Tourist Office invites you to discover In Wine Visits, from April to October! Each place, each discovery is unique.

  • A Saint -Sorlin-in-Bugey, Benoite Rousset takes you back to the XNUMXth century. This talkative, like a storyteller, tells you about the life of her village.
  • A Vaux-en-bugey , the discovery turns into a quest. From one place to another, the secrets of the village are revealed to you by deciphering a mysterious manuscript.

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Visit-tasting “In vino visitas”: St-Sorlin-en-Bugey, theatrical visit by an 18th century woman


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