Treasure hunts from Pérouges to Bugey. Child, teenager or adult, with family or friends, everyone will find a survey to their liking!

We all like to play to escape, build memories together, or discover new lands. And for that, the treasure hunt everyone agrees! Also called "treasure hunt" or "investigation", the treasure hunt is to be shared without moderation with friends or family ! An update on the various treasure hunts from Pérouges to Bugey, created by the tourist office.

3-6 years old: discover Pérouges with Georgie

Georgia is a cute dragon who lives in Pérouges. At night, he protects the village from enemies, climbing to the top of the watchtower. And during the day, he loves to play with the children! Thanks to this booklet, the youngest tourists will be able to visit the medieval village and play small games throughout the ride. The puzzles are classified by level of difficulty (3 – 4 and 4 – 6 years old).

Practical information : game booklet on sale at the tourist office for €2,50. Pen not included (possibility to buy it in addition).

7 – 11 years old: Gina gives a tour of the medieval city

For adults, it's the strap Gina who takes over from his little brother Georgie. Gina love the story and knows a lot about Pérouges. She also likes to play and tell stories to her friends. She will offer the children solve puzzles and decode a secret code together, while visiting the emblematic places of the village.

Practical information : game booklet on sale at the tourist office for €2,50. Pen not included (possibility to buy it in addition).

8 years +: the “Code Pérouges” family survey

An enigmatic spy took over the recipe for the famous Pérouges galette. Without it, how can visitors to the city be entertained? With your family, your mission will be to reconstruct the lost recipe and return it to the Perugians. But be careful, you will have to be united and attentive, because the mini-games and the puzzles will require the participation of young and old! Here to study the case of the lost recipe more in detail.

Practical information : game booklet on sale at the tourist office for €5. For adults and children from 8 years old. Pen not included (possibility to buy it in addition).

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10 years +: audio quest in Vaux-en-Bugey

This audioguided quest will take you to the heart of pretty bug village of Vaux-en-Bugey. Once the app iz.TRAVEL installed on your smartphone and the localization activated, go in search of the secrets of this small village of winegrowers. Open your eyes wide and pay attention! You will need to find hidden places or solve quizzes at each stage to unlock the next stage.

Practical information : application iz.TRAVEL is free. We recommend that you install it before you go on site. Once the application is installed, activate the geolocation of the smartphone, select "I'm going", then search for "Les secrets de Vaux-en-Bugey" in the search bar.

Good plan: take advantage of the application iz.TRAVEL to take an audioguided tour of Perugia, Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey, Priord ou Lhuis.

12 years +: Survey kit

“A strange event has occurred in the medieval city of Pérouges. Its inhabitant, Edouard Weber, disappeared overnight, without leaving the slightest trace. The police investigation concludes that it is a voluntary disappearance. Edouard's daughter, Diane, refuses to believe this version of the facts. Especially since his father seems to have left him an enigmatic trail…”

Dream and reality, memories and the present time, the real and the imaginary intertwine in this outdoor treasure hunt. This game in two parts of 2h30 each will take you through the cobbled streets of the medieval village of Pérouges and the streets of the town of Meximieux (and soon in other parts of the territory!) Over the riddles, would you be able to elucidate the disturbing mystery?

Practical information : the game kit is on sale at the Tourist Office at the introductory price of 30 €. A single kit is enough for a group between 2 to 6 players (adults and teenagers from 12 years).

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Whether for escape games, treasure hunts or treasure hunts, from Pérouges to Bugey there are plenty of opportunities to play. You have not found your happiness? The list below lists all of the gambling offerings in the territory.

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1 - 14 / 14 results)