Your stay is not going as planned? Are you going around in circles in your rental? Here is a list of activities to do when it rains (or when it's too hot), just near Lyon, between Pérouges and Bugey.

All activities sheltered from rain and heat

To rainy weather or in full heat wave, it is not good to step outside. Finally yes, but under cover. As a family with children or with friends, there is bound to be a place or a sheltered activity to welcome you.

What to do in rainy weather or shelter from the heat near Pérouges? How to occupy the children in bad weather? East of Lyon, there is plenty to enjoy, even indoors.

What to visit with children or friends indoors?

For lovers of culture and heritage
For families and those who like to have fun

Toutes les activités à l'abri autour de Pérouges, à l'Est de Lyon

All sheltered activities

All the activities to do in the shelter in case of rain, heat wave or extreme cold. In Ain, to the east of Lyon, we […]

Exposition Chagall musées du vieux Pérouges

Museums and exhibitions

Land of culture, between Pérouges and Bugey your steps will lead you to one of our charming museums or an exhibition i […]

piscine couverte publique

Covered swimming pools

Here we take ourselves for Laure Manaudou or we relax alone or with others in the indoor swimming pool or the aquatic center […]

deux carnet réalisés en ateliers reliure et arts du livre pour les enfants et les adultes toute l'année et pendant les vacancesà Pérouges près de Lyon

Crafts and crafts

Do you want to observe a master in action or offer a unique object? In paper, earthenware, clay, fabric…everything […]