Sport and sensations

Climbing and rope activities

Do you want to gain height, climb trees or dive into the heart of the earth? In Ain, to the east of Lyon, climbing, via ferrata or even tree climbing and caving await you for dizzying sensations!

All climbing and rope activities less than an hour east of Lyon. Vertically, underground or in the trees, all means are good to be at the height.
In climbing, on the cliffs of the Roche de Narse (Argis). With the Guinguette via ferrata and its 500 m of vertigo. A few meters underground potholing in Bugey. Or for family emotions, between the trees of Branche Evasion tree climbing. Full of thrills for all adventurers!

La Guinguette via ferrata, one of the many climbing sports to practice in Ain, less than an hour east of Lyon

All climbing and rope sports

Climbing, via ferrata, tree climbing and caving from Pérouges to Bugey, less than an hour east of Lyon (Ain) [...]

Tree climbing with our partner "Branche evasion"

Tree climbing / Adventure course

Monkey bridges, footbridges, zip lines: enough to awaken the Tarzan that sleeps in you by climbing in the trees [...]

Via Ferrata

Via ferrata

The Guinguette via ferrata (Ain) is an exceptional climbing and rope site. In the beautiful valley of the Albarin [...]



The basement bugiste is full of more or less long cavities. From Pérouges to Bugey, exploring them is easy [...]