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In Ain, between Pérouges and Bugey, snow is a regular guest. In the heart of nature, far from the crowds of resorts, the wonderful world of winter awaits you.

Getting some fresh air with the children or as a couple, in these times of confinement, it's vital! Pérouges Bugey Tourisme takes you on a tour of the best snow spots for an exit in family or a trip with friends. That way, there's no need to go up to the ski resort to snowshoe, toboggan or just breathe fresh air. Nature offers us something to dream of just a stone's throw from here, including in winter.

Review of our pluses beautiful snow sites : confidential corners, viewpoints on the mountains and other enchanted places. Our territory is a wonderful country in the cold season. Moreover, if you open your eyes, you will even manage to see snow creatures...


The three villages that form the holy trinity of hikes in all seasons. And in winter, the triangle of nature activities is no exception to the rule.

Innimond and its snowy panoramas

Au Col du Perthuis d'Innimond, put them on snowshoes, crests await you for a ride that puts you eyeful and the lungs! With any luck, it's the Mont Blanc which points the tip of its nose to the horizon. Wonderful vision that this immaculate summit, even more at sunset. Unmissable photo spot and large space with picnic tables, the perfect place to let the children make snowmen.

Charming good plan: passage through the village recommended, the pretty church and its snow-covered Sully tree await you there. The curious will go and see behind the chapel: incredible view of the Alps from the gates of the… cemetery! Another photo spot that is worth the detour in winter.

Practical advice: depending on the snowfall, leave the car in the village and put on crampons or snowshoes from the start of the climb to Perthuis. The road is often natural in the area.

Cerin's eye, do you dare to look at it?

Tourbière de cerin lac en rond sous la neige en hiver

With the view of Cerin, the road between Ordonnaz and Marchamp offers surprises at every time of the year.

From the perspective of Cerin bog (roadside stopping area), the snow makes this round body of water, with nothing around. If the approach to this strange lake is not authorized, we will console ourselves with the fields covered with beautiful powder snow in the surroundings for the great joy of the little ones. Snowball fights and tobogganing are yours!

tourbière de cerin en hiver sous la neige
Hey, haven't you seen the surface move? Probably my imagination, then. Unless Nessie sometimes comes to spend holidays in Bugey, who knows ?

Charming good plan: warm up for a few minutes in the pretty shop with a thousand fresh scents of the herbalist in Marchamp. Wellness tips to face the winter in good health and maybe even a chai latte to go.

Col de Portes (entrance to Bugey)

Here, it is the look that takes precedence. View after 360°C on the snowy landscape Calvary of Portes. Bugey extends in all its whiteness and we can even see beyond it sometimes, on the side of the Lyon mountains.

For winter adventurers, a hiking or snowshoeing in the snowy forest takes you back to the pretty village of Ordonnaz. You can drink a hot tea out of the thermos on the forecourt of the charming chapel, also equipped with its multi-hundred-year-old Sully tree.

Good charming plan: the fruit d'Ordonnaz a few steps from the church, will provide you with a local snack that will delight the troops. Cheese, charcuterie and fresh products from right next door, the perfect picnic.

The beauties of Albarine

Snowy trail in Chaley

Once upon a time, the little unknown village of Chaley, above Tenay. At the start of the body of water, begins a very pretty path named "over the water". Walking through the woods, under the first snowflakes of winter, Albarine river is at our feet. Soon the green landscapes are covered in white. The atmosphere is loaded with poetry. Wouldn't he hide what magical beings in these places? Everything is possible…

Charming good plan: very close to Chaley, the view of Evosges over the curious circular village of Oncieu will convince you that magic reigns in Albarine.

Magical castle of Allymes

In its green setting in the middle of Bugey, the castle of Allymes is beautiful in any season. But we must admit that winter adds a bit of mystery to it. It is not uncommon to find plenty of snow here.

château des Allymes en hiver sous la neige

Perched on a hill, the view from the foot of the ramparts is worth the look (and the 10 min walk from the car park). Open all year round (except periods of health restrictions), the free visits ou audio guide will give you the impression of being the knights of an impregnable fortress! You can even be amazed at the top of the dungeon if the weather permits.

Charming good plan: to see the Allymes from above, all you need is a short walk (20min) from the hamlet of Luisandre. The building (small castle) built here in the Middle Ages offers a spectacular view. And when the mist comes, you're in the heart of Scotland.

Perouges under the snow

place du puits rue du for à Pérouges en hiver avec neige

Perugia, this little one Medieval city de la Dombes carries within it the imagination of the Middle Ages. So when the snow invites itself on the pebbles, it's a fantastic atmosphere emerging from the cold. The place of the well seems to hide some winter fairies, linden looks like a tree in Winterfell, the streets seem straight out of a storybook. In Pérouges, never a disappointment, whatever the season.

Charming tip: a slice of cake and a mulled wine to go to accompany you on your winter exploration. (And if you come across a leprechaun in the street of rounds, don't forget to share your cake, they love it.)

End of the Winter's Tale

Our hunt for best places to enjoy the snow (and their imaginary creatures) ends here. There are still many other places waiting for you to come, in winter or summer, to get some fresh air and explore new lands, even if the snow has gone. All the seasons are beautiful between Perouges and Bugey.

For other places/activities that speak to the imagination:

to learn more about these enchanted places in Chaley, we will have to wait for a next article in February

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