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Top 5 of the best spots to enjoy the sunsets from Pérouges to Bugey.

A matter of perspective

Who doesn't love the sunset? From Pérouges to Bugey, there are lots of perfect spots to enjoy the last moments of the day. So we take our camera, our other half, a book or a picnic (or all that at the same time), towards our 5 most beautiful sites (+ a bonus). Poetry moment guaranteed!

The mortar's cross : the confidential spot

Croix du mortier Arandas soleil couchant

A little away from the road to Arandas hides a charming promontory that will allow you to enjoy a superb late summer sunset. A good book or a bottle* of wine - Bugey, of course – and here you are settled for a moment of poetry, alone or as a couple.
The orientation table will teach you more about the surrounding reliefs and the picnic tables will accommodate the cheese board, purchased by going to the Gaec du Perce-Neige or that of the pinson, in Arandas.
WE love : the sun setting on the right while the moon rises on the left… Magic!

The ruins of Château Cuchet : the vertigo/vestige spot

You have to venture a little through the brush** but the reward is there. Bird's eye view of the hamlet of Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey and clear on the mountains of Bugey. The perfect panorama to dazzle your eyes! The rays of the sun make the Rhone and glow the stone. The romantic-looking ruins complete the decor for a moment out of time.
On the way up, stop to admire the fresco that covers the facade of a house in the village. If we prefer, we taste a AOC Bugey au Domain of the Pouponne.
WE love : the sunset in the stone window!

Mediafixer remains of St-Germain : the spectacular spot

cold winter sun

Another place, other ruins… Perched on the hill, at the end of the Vareillles path, those of the Château de St-Germain offer a marvelous promontory. The last light of day almost lines up with the arched doorway, like a film frame. Thus shrouded in pastel, the places invite you to explore. What history is hidden behind its sections of ruined walls? Do not hesitate to learn more thanks to the educational panels present on the site.
WE love : the film set of the Middle Ages and the panoramic view which dominates everything.

Allymes Castle : the highlight

Another castel you will tell us! In addition, the guy is close to the remains of St-Germain, we are in the theme... From the almost 900 meters of altitude, the Allymes - of its small name - contemplates the valley at its foot. First of all, we do not miss a visit to the premises. The theatrical visits are worth the detour with the family! And if you're doing well, on leaving or just before a nocturnal visit, you'll get a view of the last rays at sunset. Always refreshing at the end of a hot summer day (or during winter frost).
WE love : the castle which can be visited at night, costumed extras version. Have a snack at the foot of the ramparts, looking at the view.

Innimond : the breathtaking spot

Montagnes depuis le col du petit Perthuis à Innimond

Let's leave the old stones and take the road to Bugey. Let yourself be charmed by all the pretty villages crossed, from Blessings à Ordonnaz. But whatever happens, plan a stop at golden hour*** to admire the snow-capped mountains or the vast green valley at their feet. Here, Mont-Blanc often comes to the fore and is adorned with pink and purple, just for your eyes. There culminates a pass – little Perthuis – which will make you feel like you are at the end of the mon… du Bugey.
WE love : the 360°C panorama, exceptional in winter, especially when Mont-Blanc is there!

Belvedere of Chateau de Chazey : the quiet spot

The bonus site is the charming belvedere in the grounds of the Château de Chazey-sur-Ain. This time, no climbing. A balcony resembling an Italian balustrade unfolds above the Ain River, the perfect setting to welcome the last moments of the sunset. Look to the West, in the distance the plain, we breathe.
WE love : a spot to add glitter to your daily life. We take the opportunity to have the children run in the park or leaf through a book from the book box.

* We take away our waste, be careful, we see you!
** We are cautious in our approach to the site. No markings, path in the undergrowth, it can slip. And we don't get too close to the edge of the cliff!
*** Between dog and wolf

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation

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