Announce a sporting or cultural event? Easy and free, all year round! Your tourist office is the relay of your concerts, exhibitions, parties, shows... All this thanks to a simple form to fill in to appear on the agenda of Pérouges Bugey Tourisme... and everywhere else.

Your tourist Office relays all your events between Pérouges and Bugey.
Using the online form Apidae event, announce its event is free, all year round.
Super easy to be part of the agenda of Pérouges Bugey Tourism !

How to announce an event?

Two super simple steps to relay your event on the online diary from the tourist office.

  • Fill the form on this page (1 event = 1 form)
  • Click on record this event.

Here, the tourist office takes care of validating your announcement.
- In summary -
You fill
We validate
It's aired!

The ad will appear 24 hours later on the online agenda. All the information provided may be relayed on the agendas of other tourism stakeholders. (Aintourism, the events official, Le Progrès etc…).

Tips for properly filling out your ad

  • Description of your event must be brief, make you want et explain clearly the subject.
  • Enter practical information in the boxes provided, not in the description (addresses, dates, prices, booking URL, etc.).
  • Add good quality pictures (1MB min, no scan, net subject…)
    NB: The posters are not accepted as an illustration. The vertical format does not adapt well to diaries.

For editorial reasons, the tourist office reserves the right to modify, accept or refuse your ad.

IMPORTANT: This form concerns sporting events, leisure activities, concerts, festivals, oven festivals, etc. It does not concern religious or political events, general assemblies or internal meetings.

Sabrina is at your service if you encounter technical difficulties or for any request:

It's your turn !

Your event

Your data is used solely for the purpose of promoting tourist services in the territory through paper and/or digital distribution media fed by the Apidae database. Because this information is most often information that you make public and/or it is information related to an associative, commercial or professional activity, we consider that their use and dissemination do not infringe your rights and freedoms. Any referenced person may object to the use of their data by simply contacting the Tourist Office. This results in the exclusion from the system of any data that can be consulted by the general public.
For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

After submission, remember to go back to this page to check if the form has accepted your input.