Lovers of old stones or history buffs, from Pérouges to Bugey we travel through the ages. Villages or festivals, here hide treasures from another time.

Of the majestic Medieval city de Perugia in the charming Bugiste village, there is a scent of nostalgia. To think of yourself as a knight or lady from another era, you are on the right path. Overview of & unmissables historical and emblematic places in heart of Ain, east of Lyon.

Unmissable places, emerging from the past.

The medieval city of Pérouges: n°1 of the must-see places in Ain

Pérouges, the medieval city, amazes with its timeless beauty, like a movie set. This small town from the end of the Middle Ages, still inhabited, is dotted with emblems: the bicentennial lime tree, the sugar cake, the homes of artisans and the cobblestones, of course. The essential of the essentials !

Pérouges la belle cité médiévale, un des incontournables de l'Ain, à l'Est de Lyon se visite toute l'année en libre accès.
Vue des toits de Pérouges la cité médiévale à 40 min à l'Est de Lyon. Une des incontournables de l'Ain.
Le rue des rondes à Pérouges dans la cité médiévale. Unique Plus Beau Village de France et un des incontournables de l'Ain à visiter.
Visiter un des incontournables de l'Ain, à l'automne ou toute saison :  Pérouges la cité médiévale à moins de 30 min à l'Est de Lyon.
La cité médiévale de Pérouges et sa place du tilleul, top des incontournables à visiter dans l'Ain, tout près de Lyon.

Through the charming villages: the must-sees of Bugey

Pérouges is a gateway to the pretty villages from Bugey, in Ain. Stone houses and wine-growing villages: the balade takes you through a heritage GENUINE. How pleasant it is to stroll through the streets of these pretty towns. On a facade, at the corner of a wall, the marks of the past wait quietly. A break one hour away East of Lyon.

At the bend of a square, the small heritage keeps watch. Here, a common oven still in use, there a refreshing wash house, in the distance a charming chapel... The opportunity to take advantage of it to taste Bugey wines.

The castle of Allymes

Perched on the Bugey mountains, the Château des Allymes watches over the town of Ambérieu-en-Bugey. A model of military architecture, sometimes from Dauphiné, sometimes from Savoy, he has stories to tell. Towers, keep and curtain walls have survived the centuries. One of the must-sees, 30 minutes from Pérouges, to visit all year round.

Château des Allymes à Ambérieu en Bugey, un des incontournables à voir et à visiter toute l'année, à côté de Pérouges, près de Lyon.
Le château des Allymes est un des incontournables à visiter près de Pérouges, à l'Est de Lyon dans l'Ain.

Ambronay Abbey

THEAmbronay Abbey over 1000 years of history ! Gothic cloister, defense towers and abbey church can be discovered all year round. Guided or self-guided, sensory or digital, the visit to the abbey can be enjoyed à la carte. A moment out of time.

Highlights for dreaming about the past

The medieval festival of Pérouges

Every year, in June, Perugia relives its medieval past. The time of a weekend, the streets of the city come alive. Night shows, medieval dances, fire eaters fill children and adults with joy. A medieval market completes the festivities, for a cup of mead or a knight's sword.

The Ambronay Music Festival

Ambronay likes it baroque and ancient music. In autumn, the abbey resonates with the vibrations of the organ and tinkles to the sound of the harpsichord. A stroll through the 18th century, colored by world music. A musical journey to experience with the family, during youth shows and in the deckchairs of the festival area.

When the Château de Chazey opens its doors

Some rare dates per year, the castle of Chazey-sur-Ain leaves its gate ajar. To School vacation (except Christmas and winter), the Pérouges-Bugey tourist office takes curious visitors from the ground floor to the keep. During the European Heritage Days, the discovery visits follow one another for a special weekend.

Cour intérieure du château de Chazey sur Ain, un des visites incontournables autour de Pérouges et sa cité médiévale.
Détail du sol au château de Chazey sur Ain, à voir durant la visite avec les guides de l'office de tourisme Pérouges Bugey.
Le château de Chazey sur Ain se visite à de rares occasions avec l'office de tourisme Pérouges Bugey. Une visite parmi les lieux incontournables de l'Ain à voir absolument, à seulement 10 min de Pérouges.
cheminée du château de Chazey sur Ain, à voir durant les visites de l'office de tourisme Pérouges Bugey.
Détail du château de Chazey sur Ain, à voir durant la visite avec les guides de l'office de tourisme Pérouges Bugey.

Château des Allymes seen from the sky

The castle of Allymes

In Allymes, the castle dominates the plain of the Ain where you can see as far as Bresse and Dombes since the year 1306. [...]

Ambronay Abbey, near Pérouges (Ain) hosts the ancient music festival

Ambronay Abbey

The Benedictine abbey of Ambronay is always talked about. Since Charlemagne, it has been present in the landscape [...]