In Allymes, the castle dominates the plain of the Ain where you can see as far as Bresse and Dombes since the year 1306. Want to discover a beautiful fortification whose walkway allows you to go around completely, or to stroll through the rooms for a dive into the past?

There are beautiful love stories that leave sweet memories and then there are the relationships between Savoyards and Dauphinois who did not love each other, but then not at all! Nobody is perfect !  

The Castle

From this historical disagreement is born a small castle, very cute, both robust and graceful, angular but with curves.  
It is baptized with the name of this perched and hypnotic place: Allymes.  
At the Château des Allymes we watch, we dominate, we fight and we wait with a firm footing for centuries!  
We waited with our feet in the snow, our faces slashed by the gusts of icy wind in order to defend a border. We enjoyed perched at the top of the square tower at an altitude of 650 meters, in summer, from the superb view of the plain, while keeping an eye on the enemy castle, located just opposite. 
And then we welcomed great figures who changed the face of history, the side of the border, the role of the fortress.  

René de Lucinge

That's René who took care of that, René de Lucinge.  
René is a little Savoyard with a long nose and curly hair. René is a great humanist and diplomat at the court of Savoy. René is also the one who signed this famous treaty, causing Bugey and the surrounding lands to fall into French hands. He is the hero or the traitor, the great name linked to the thick walls of the fortress where he closed his eyes for the very last time. 
Le Allymes castle it's a whole story of spies, merchants from Italy, crossings to be controlled, coveted convoys, in short it's almost a western fort, where the cowboys are knights or soldiers. 
He is above all one of the rare witnesses of his time, the XNUMXthe century, a little gem that has remained almost identically enclosed in its sumptuous wooded setting.


The castle is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. Indeed, a wide stony path rises towards the castle from the hamlet.


Les Allymes castle seen at 360°

The Allymes as you've never seen it! Shooting 360° drone above the Allymes castle.

Visite virtuelle au dessus du château des Allymes, vue à 360°
360° view of the Allymes castle


A video to learn more about the castle