The wines of Bugey have nothing to envy to the most famous! A recognized vineyard which even has its own AOC and producers who are always happy to show the fruit of their labor.

A wine-growing land to discover

Bugey vineyards: going green/glass

In the Bugey massif extend hectares of wine plantations. Discreet hillsides of Vaux-en-Bugey to the impressive rows of vines on the islet of Montagnieu, the vine is there. She waits in the sun, takes in the mountain air, stretches out on the sides of the cliffs. The grape waits for its time to ripen and offer a labeled variety AOC Bugey or an independent wine, why not with Savoyard roots.

It's a bit like the motto of the country: greenery as far as the eye can see and a glass for every moment of conviviality thanks to its vast vineyard.

Confidential and on a human scale

Confidential and sometimes well hidden, the Bugey vineyard crosses the valleys of the massif from East to West, to treat yourself to the pleasures of the most beautiful lights of the day, admiring the view of the Rhône which meanders and shimmers at its foot. At his ease and with his roots well established, he lets himself be pampered.

The winegrowers of the sector have a great affection for him. Along the steep hillsides they roam to take care of the grapes from which they will produce wines reflecting their domain. If you ask the producers, during a walk in cellars in the cellars, they will perhaps share with you the well-kept secrets and grandmother's recipes that give each cuvée its own character.

A vineyard to explore

Its terroir – the result of an astonishing diversity of places – gives the Bugey vineyard multiple personalities. If you feel like it, set off to explore these landscapes, from the cliff of Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey with jostled reliefs of Seillonnaz. A crossing by car to see everything, like a winegrower's kaleidoscope, on foot or by bike to collect postcards, it doesn't matter. We come there to pick up viewpoints, meet barns – stone houses that once housed the wine-growing equipment – ​​waiting there for the return of the pickers, soaking up a little corner of beauty…

At the heart of the bugiste vineyard

And if we feel like going there stay, charming cottages and welcoming guest houses open their doors wide to those who wish to take a break between Rhône and vineyards or vineyards and mountains.

A stay dedicated to to relax ? Nothing better than enjoying a swimming pool with a view or a relaxing spa for a pampering weekend in the cool seasons. the Old Town Relay is for that the dreamed place.

For Healing complete, the Oncin Tower, a superb XNUMXth century building, welcomes seminars and groups for courses in personal development and oenological discovery.

The circle is complete.

A landscape that changes with the seasons

Peaceful is the key word for these large rows of vines, surrounded by mountains that make up the Bugey vineyard. But the master artist, it is the seasons that paint the same subject, changing pictures like a Monet... Alternately bright and vibrant with shades of green in the sun, then dry and brown, shaken by the cold wind, or marvelous in its robe of golden autumn hues.

The ideal time to find the panoramas with the best photo spots and thus return from a walk with sparkling eyes like the white of Montagnieu, a few shots with beautiful golden lights in your bag.

Bonuses | Good addresses, History and anecdotes…

It was the monks who, in the Middle Ages, developed the culture of the vine on the territories of their abbeys. The history of the bugiste vineyard begins with the Cistercian monks of Thézillieu and those ofAmbronay Abbey in 1135. The vineyard reached its peak during the Second Empire, exceeding 7000 hectares! Slowly replanted in the 500th century, after an invasion of insects, it now covers just over XNUMX hectares, divided into islets on rocky and limestone terrain.

  • A visit to the "Room of the Vine" au Bugist Traditions Museum will teach you even more about the winemaking tradition in the region until the middle of the XNUMXth century.
  • Bugey wine: it is said to exist one to accompany each dish, from appetizer to dessert. A hymn is even dedicated to him:

“You revive the most gloomy,
And give, to fools, spirit,
You set fires to rosy lips,
Of hope to the languishing heart.
O wine of our ancient hillsides,
where you were born free
Safeguard your symbolic gifts:
Good humor and frank gaiety. »

Where to buy Bugey wine

Dogfish, Gamay, Mondeuse, organic, natural or biodynamic wine… for the curious, push the door of one of the many Bugey estates. Beautiful encounters and gourmet memories at stake! Find all our winegrowers online to have a drink from us*.

Questions to a Bugey winegrower

By Anne-Sophie Bonnard aka the Wine Trotteuse: some questions to the winegrower of the Bonnard House.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation

360° virtual tour of the vineyards of Montagnieu-Seillonnaz

The vineyards of Montagnieu in Bugey seen from the sky. A 360° virtual visit by drone to take full view.

Vignobles de Montagnieu dans le Bugey vus du ciel en drone, visite virtuelle à 360°