The Ambronay musical festival or 4 weekends to the sound of ancient and world music in the exceptional setting of Ambronay Abbey. Every year, from mid September to early October.

Le Ambronay music festival, it is above all the enchanting setting of its abbey. It's over 40 years of ancient and world music. Expert musicians from all over the world or local amateurs come together every autumn to make the walls resonate. It is a friendly atmosphere, designed for all audiences. Conferences, workshops and unusual visits dot the 4 weekends of concerts. A real musical and cultural parenthesis in in the heart of Ain.

Strolling around the Abbey is as much an art as the music you come to listen to.

Ambronay: the festival in 3 words

A season : autumn

To the east of Lyon, each season has its own festival. The first beautiful days welcome the Spring of Pérouges. Autumn opens with the Ambronay festival. Do you hear the long sobs of the violins of autumn?

cloitre gothique de l'abbaye d'Ambronay (Ain) près de Pérouges

A frame : senses awakened

Lady Ambronay is a venerable abbey of almost 1000 years. Every autumn it happily welcomes the vibrations of old music and their interpreters, who come from all over the world. Her gothic cloister is a delight for the eyes. It is good to walk there to the sound of an instrument from elsewhere or to sit in the coolness of the abbey.

A music : bright and colorful

Renaissance, baroque, sacred music and melodies from all continents. The sound palette is vibrant and nuanced. A travel to the four corners of the history of early music, to the rhythm of virtuoso instruments and musicians.

concert à l'abbaye d'Ambronay (Ain) durant le festival
Musique festival d'Ambronay (Ain)
concert durant le festival d'Ambronay dans l'Ain près de Pérouges
cloître de l'abbaye d'Ambronay de nuit durant le festival

A weekend at the Ambronay festival

Vivre a day in Ambronay to enjoy hour by hour. With friends, family, two or solo, the Programs is made for you.

A Saturday at the Ambronay Festival

  • 15 h : The children have fun in the beautiful lawns of the park with the wooden pucks and others old games the fun workshops are in full swing.
  • 16 h : The festival-goers relax on the deckchairs in the last beautiful days of autumn. Nearby rise the beautiful voices of the choral amateur.
  • 17 h : Pause to taste on the teeterrace of the festival bar. Homemade muffins are eyeing us.
façade de l'abbaye d'Ambronay dans l'Ain, près de Pérouges
cloître de l'abbaye d'Ambronay dans le soleil
  • 18h : Really nice this free stage edge at the time ofaperitif !
  • 19h : Dinner in a beautiful vaulted stone space. Homemade dishes with local products: 10/10!
  • 20h : Soon time for show. Optionally, as a family: concert for cello and hip-hop dancer. With friends or as a couple: listen to an unknown instrument vibrate between the arches of the abbey.
  • 23 h : Stay a little more, a glass in hand, near the musicians who improvise. Everyone is happy. Don't want to go back...

Sunday in Ambronay

  • 11h : What unusual workshop for this morning with the children? World dances, body percussion, hip-hop… The choice is vast.
  • 13h : Here, it's time for the guided tour of the Abbey!
  • 15 h : End the afternoon with a little nap in a deckchair...

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