As the sage says "the best moment is the present moment". Whatever the season, for a weekend or the holidays, it is possible to be amazed all year round from Pérouges to Bugey. And it's not Vivaldi who will contradict us...

"From Pérouges to Bugey" is a multiple territory, in its relief, its landscapes, and its seasons. Over the months, the panoramas change, going from green to orange, sometimes covered in snow, but the wonder remains the same. Discovery at the rhythm of the calendar…

Autumn, queen of the seasons

Without wanting to brag, in places here, it almost looks like a little piece of Canada. Indian summer in Lower Bugey is always a great time. It is necessary to watch for the favorable period, between October and November when the deciduous trees and the vineyards are adorned with dazzling bronze colors. A feast for the eyes !

The vineyards of Bugey

forêt du Bugey en plein automne

Vineyards and autumn is the perfect combination. Of Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey à Lhuis, passing by Montagnieu-Seillonnaz, beautiful picture guaranteed! It is even recommended to taste it, this vine, at one of our wineries.

The crossing of the enchanted forests

By car or motorbike*, the laces of pretty Bugey roads make you experience wonder. In the sun or in the rain, your Instragram will vibrate beautiful orange-yellow lights.
*By bike for the brave who are not afraid of the drop.

arbres aux couleurs d'automne en forêt


Ce charming wine village is confidential. Nestled in the hollow of its valley, it just leaves a curious bell tower above it. The hillside vines, a veritable drunken garden, provide an ideal vantage point. Where the gaze lands is only shades of gold, red and dried green. Listen ! A quest reveals all its corners. Chapel, oratory, wash house and alleys will have no more secrets for you.

Winter holds beautiful surprises

Here winter can be enchanted. The landscapes are offered to those who are not afraid! At the bend of a walk, a snowy peak. Thanks to a sunset, a reflection on a frozen river. In the bright January sky, would it be a lonely tower?

Allymes Castle

To keep cool, or to protect yourself from it, a visit is a must. This defense fortress unfolds its silhouette in all weathers, throughout the year. Under the snow, in the mist, it seems to have come out of an ancient legend... From the top of the tower, the world is at your feet, knights!

belle demeure dans la neige

To observe it from above, the built by Luisandre, its overhanging cousin, is the perfect place. Just as the surrounding forest can be explored with pleasure under the frost.

A surprise at Innimond

Au Petit Perthuis pass, on the heights of Innimond, on a clear day, a handsome guest points the tip of his nose. It's Mont Blanc!

In truth, the panorama of Innimond is beautiful all year round. But the apparition, all sprinkled with white, has something magical about it. And if, by chance, you find yourself there sunset, the postcard will be complete. (Our most beautiful viewpoints are to be discovered here)

arbre sully à Innimond sous la neige

Coming back down from the belvedere, pay a visit to the Sully tree on the forecourt of the church of Innimond.

It is good to go out in the cold season

To experience winter pleasures, Christmas markets and illuminations* warm hearts. Nothing beats a mulled wine or a sweet treat to warm up after a cool walk. (*except 2020)

But that's not all ! So try our top of the best sites from Pérouges to Bugey in winter.

And if you are rather walks, let yourself be carried along by the water at Chaley.

In the spring, make yourself a flower

For the weekend or a short stay, the season of buds puts everyone in agreement. Lovers of flower photos or family on a walk, everyone benefits from the rays of the sun. Tulips, apple blossoms or wild species, all tastes are in nature.

Medieval town of Pérouges

tour de guet Pérouges

Already imbued with a certain majesty, the city ​​of Pérouges is draped in a beautiful flowery habit, as soon as spring comes. In April, a stunning magnolia leans over a gate. Come May, the tulips sway in the wind. In June the roses burst…

arbre en fleurs à Pérouges

Cities and villages in bloom

THE season for strolling in one of the three flower villages: Saint-Vulbas and its splendid flowerbeds, Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey, the village of roses and Montagnieu which crumbles under the planters!

Wildflowers as far as the eye can see

Everywhere nature offers us its most colorful! On the plain, in the ponds of the Dombes or the mountains of Bugey. Everything is wild flowers, fields of poppies, wisteria cascading over the walls or cherry trees letting their petals burst. A palette of paint wherever the eye arises. Just walk…

champs de coquelicots printemps

Summer to go green

In summer, nature radiates green. Only the blue of the water and the gold of the old stones respond to it. To find the freshness or take advantage of the long sunny hours, the territory has no equal.

By hills and green passes

Summer is a paradise for walkers, following shady walks. Hop, a little tour by the Lac Bleu (swimming and nautical activities prohibited) before heading through the woods towards the ruins of the castle of St Germain. As a family, the trail along the water in Chaley offers the pleasant gurgling of the Albarine River. The Monts du Bugey are always a refuge from heat waves: a motorcycle ride on the side of the Abergement and it is immediately degrees gained.

Walks easy to find on our hiking page

Charming villages, between stone and sun

What could be better than walking the pretty golden stones of the villages of character during summer ? Confidential, nestled in the hollow of the valley, winegrower or historic, each of them is worth the detour. Small heritage or great abbey, there is always a curiosity to explore. Why not the very unusual aqueduct of Briord, and its free audio tour ?

The brochure of our pretty villages can be viewed and downloaded here

Cascade of freshness and flow of water

The territory has several “feet in the water” sites, all a source of adventure.

The Rhône comes in a bucolic version, on foot along the old towpath as in St-Vulbas, or by bike with the very family-friendly cycle route of the Via Rhona. At the Green Point of Serrière-de-Briord, it changes into a pond, suitable for swimming and other nautical activities.

voile au point vert

The descent of the Ain river in canoeing is the best way to discover its banks. The opportunity to take a dip, in the middle of wild and preserved vegetation (thank you for being attentive and respectful towards this protected natural area)

baignade des enfants dans la rivière d'Ain

The wild rivers, such as the Albarine or the Pernaz, are an aquatic paradise. For the tranquility of fishing or the fresh sensations of canyoning, the beds of our rivers make you live true moments. Some waterfalls complete the decor. Spectacular waterfall of several meters, at Charabotte, hike in the undergrowth at Luizet, or turquoise basin in Serrière, our waterfalls will give the best of themselves in mid-season (except July, August).

Thus passes the thread of the seasons. Between Pérouges and Bugey, landscapes and activities take turns to offer you getaways full of beauty, throughout the year... So, are you coming?