Up there is Innimond. Innimond is a very small perched village. A church, a centuries-old lime tree, a goat farm and a breathtaking view!

Paradise for walkers, hikers, trailers, paragliders, dreamers, contemplatives… Innimond offers several paths of hiking, part of the GR59 also passes through there.

An exceptional view

From the ridge trail or from the orientation table when the weather is clear, the Mont Blanc stands out in the sky. Unmissable stop, here we breathe deeply. Here we take our time. Whether you come alone or with family. Here we play sports or simply recharge our batteries.


Innimond is beautiful in all seasons. Adorned with its white coat in winter, it is the playground for lovers of snowshoes or sledge. In summer it is an exquisite place to cool off. In spring and autumn it is the vegetation that has the beautiful role. The small green buds become a shades of orange tones.

From an ideal position to watch out for potential attackers in the Middle Ages, Innimond has become a place where "taking the height" makes sense...

A rich historical past

Endowed with a rich past, Innimond retains today, from the fortified priory where monks and soldiers coexisted for half a millennium, only sections of walls that can be seen in the brushwood. Indeed, in 1601 the army of Henri IV destroyed this strategic high place. The stones, which made it possible to rebuild the choir of the church, are also a vestige of this period.
Innimond is dotted with numbered boards explaining the history of the village. A short walk, accessible to all, allows you to better understand what this place was like in the past, what is this remarkable tree planted under the church...

La orientation table shows the richness of this point of view. Mountain lovers can travel through all the alpine and subalpine massifs from Mont-Blanc to Ventoux, from the Cévennes to Pilat, without forgetting the mountains of Lyonnais, Beaujolais and Macônnais.

Orientation table at Innimond