The Albarine River, in the heart of the valley of the same name, is an "enchanting" place. Less than an hour from Lyon, the landscapes invite you to peace and communion with nature.

A mysterious origin

The word "Albarin" seems to have an origin as poetic as it is mysterious. That would mean "white river" ou "divine river". A sweet name, which designates both the river and valley it crosses, which perfectly suits this enchanting – and most certainly enchanting – place.

Water, earth and air, the elements come together in harmony in the verdant Albarine Valley.

And A River Runs

The Albarine rises at an altitude of 950 m, in the heart of wetlands, in the commune of Brénod. It flows on a plateau of Bugey massif, between preserved gorges. Intrepid, here she is then diving from the Charabotte waterfall for a jump 115m from above ! Finally, it crosses the Albarine valley, through the canton of Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey, before joining the river of Ain.

Cascade de la Charabotte

A flood of emotions and sensations

Through its enchanting setting, the Albarine River offers a multitude of activities. The most contemplative will enjoy a balade to observe it, let yourself be lulled by its "musicality" or even feel the freshness it releases on long summer days. The path “along the water”, from Chaley, will charm explorers in search of serenity, in all seasons.

For athletes, the Albarine offers a wide playground. Appreciated by fishermen for the quality of its clear waters, it is the ideal setting for insiders and amateurs alike. A relaxing activity in the middle of nature, to try with the children!

Far from the beaten track, the superb gorges make it a popular place to practice for water hike (accessible to beginners) or the canyoning. The most daring will try out the thrills on the via cordata (accompanied by a state-certified guide). 

Pêche à la mouche sur la rivière de l'Albarine

With the seasons, the Albarine is changing but always enchants you!  

ATTENTION, the practice of fishing is subject to a regulations