Between Pérouges and Bugey (Ain), to the east of Lyon, it is possible to gain height to enjoy splendid panoramas. There is necessarily a point of view to appreciate the unobstructed view of the landscape.

Our most beautiful viewpoints will amaze you! Panorama on the mountains, the vineyard or the Rhône, landscapes that are worth the detour. Discover these must-haves.

Top panoramas from Pérouges to Bugey

A top to be at the “top of the world*” when you come for a walk between Pérouges and the Monts du Bugey.
*on top of the world

The one, the great, the unique: Innimond's point of view

Here, the panoramic view of the valley, the foothills of Bugey and the mountain ranges of the Alps is breathtaking. Also called Perthuis belvedere (or small Perthuis) this picnic/fitness trail site is also a paragliding launch site. And for good reason ! An orientation table indicates the small names of the summits. The really nice bonus: Mont-Blanc regularly points the tip of its snowy nose in the distance. To discover in all seasons.

The unusual view of the village of Oncieu

This village built in a circle around an old central orchard is a real curiosity. The best point of view is at the cross of Evosges (2km), a most spectacular natural rocky promontory. Nicknamed the Bugey diamond, the village is spread out in lush greenery. The beautiful Albarine Valley that frames it features a variety of wildflowers. It is a preserved space, conducive to walks in the heart of nature.

The Calvary of Portes

Contrary to its name, the ride is not an ordeal. Stage of many hikes in the sector, the orientation table of the Portes pass is a famous (almost) 360° panorama. Central point of this part of Bugey, the site offers an overview of the neighboring summits, and, on a day of very good weather, the gaze goes to the Cévennes. Gorgeous in any season.

Castles as lookouts

Above the valleys and the plain, the castles of Bugey keep watch. Historical strategic place of passage, the region counted number of defense fortresses, placed on the heights. Even today, the foot of the Allymes Castle offers a lovely unobstructed view of the plain of Ambérieu-en-Bugey and the surrounding hills. At the ruins of Castle of St-Germain, a projection overlooks the entrance to Bugey, towards the Albarine valley.

Eagle view, at the end of the road

Au Mount Luisandre, the bird's-eye view of the Château des Allymes is undeniably a must-see. It will cost you a pleasant walk to get there. Souclin's hang glider "deco" is worth it, but the reward is worth the effort. Breathtaking view of the Bugey mountains, the Alps in the background and the Rhône meandering in the sun.

Full view from the crosses

At the edge of the cliff, as at the Monks Cross, or in confidential places, like the Croix du Mortier, they are often a guarantee of remarkable views. The hike to the Croix des Moines is not an easy task, but the landscape of the Mont de Lange is a reward for the level. The Mortar Cross is much quieter, with its picnic tables, its small undergrowth and its orientation table overlooking the village of Arandas. Relaxation with a view!

The little bonus: the eye of the Bog

This natural curiosity looks at you with a funny liquid eye in the flora of a preserved marsh. To observe from afar, from a belvedere on the side of the road for a beautiful overview. It is not possible to approach it to preserve its beauty.

Psst, the good plan : come and visit the viewpoints in all seasons. And enjoy spectacular sunsets. All you have to do is dazzle your eyes.

The guide to the most beautiful viewpoints

Info +

  • The castle of Allymes can be visited all year round. Paying self-guided tour (€5), free audio guide. Possible ascent to the dungeon on a guided tour, for even more panorama (outside the year 2020)
  • The ruins of the Château de St-Germain are accessible free of charge all year round. Educational panels and picnic tables on site.
  • The Calvary of Portes is accessible in 15 minutes on foot from a car park on the side of the road. 600m approximately.
  • Mont Luisandre is accessible by a walk of about 45 minutes from the hamlet of Morgelas

Even more discoveries

  • Le walking path from Vareilles to St-Germain, via Lac Bleu
  • Browse the Bugey from viewpoints to panoramas, it's also possible on a motorcycle.
  • Several points of view are on the route of the many hikes through the Bugey.
  • From the take-off sites, to see the world from even higher, paragliding baptism !

The tourist office draws your attention to the fact that nature is beautiful and belongs to everyone. It is up to each of us to be responsible and to preserve it. Thank you for not parking vehicles in unauthorized spaces, let's take away our waste and respect the tranquility of the places and the inhabitants.