From Perouges to Bugey

Hiking: Coastal Trail

Departing from Pérouges or Bourg-Saint-Christophe, discover the surroundings of the famous medieval city. Path without difficulty, with family or all walkers. Located on the Côtière, the path offers views of the Plaine de l'Ain and the Alps.

Distance : 9.1 km
Duration : 2 p.m.
Level : Easy
Elevation : 140 D +
Hiking: Coastal Trail
Distance : 9.1 km
Duration : 2 p.m.
Level : Easy
Elevation : 140 D +
Departure: Perouges
Earth, Hard surface (tar, cement, floor), Gravel
Pet Friendly
Without major difficulty
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A complete loop that will take you to discover the hamlets around Pérouges. Passage through the woods of Montcet and Cotance for a bit of freshness in summer.
Picnic tables on the course for a break.
The walk will take you near the ponds of Aubépin and Sous Colombier (swimming not authorized). Panoramas on the medieval city and the plain of Ain.

Access from Pérouges: the first terminal is at the foot of the lower door.
From the city, pass under the gate, go down the few steps.
Then follow the orange markings.
From the entrance to the village, opposite the tourist office, at the entrance to the gravel path closed by a barrier for cars, you will find a panel with all the hiking trails. The first terminal (n°1) is at the end of the chemin des terreaux, about 400 m further, under the lower door.

Points of interest: Medieval town of Pérouges, panoramas from Pérouges and Bourg Saint Christophe. Views of the medieval city, Aubépin pond...

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Advice from the Office

Several trails allow you to discover Pérouges and its surroundings. Follow the different marking colors.

In case of rain

Do not panic ! Here are all our sheltered activities.

On the way back

To bring back a souvenir or something to treat yourself, stock up on local products from Pérouges in Bugey.








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