From Perouges to Bugey

squirrel trail

The squirrel invites you into its woods! We discover the various trees that make up his house and those of his neighbors. Family games help to perfect his botanical knowledge. Here and there we also discover a bit of local history, in the shade!

Distance : 3 km
Duration : 1 p.m.
Level : Easy
Elevation : 58 D +
squirrel trail
Distance : 3 km
Duration : 1 p.m.
Level : Easy
Elevation : 58 D +
Departure: Leyment
Stones, Earth, Suitable for all-terrain pushchairs
Pet Friendly
Download the circuit: GPX Roadmap

This trail is cool, shaded and without difficulty.
Ideal for taking a few steps in an enchanted and wonderful wood where you can guess some well-hidden fairies and elves!
Playful and interesting, this squirrel path is ideal for taking a break in the heart of nature, a stone's throw from the village.

Your itinerary


The start

The trail car park is located on the edge of rue de la Vallière on the place du 1er mai, about 100m from the entrance/exit sign of the village of Leyment. The trailhead is across the road. Caution is advised when crossing this busy road. A trail route sign is available in the parking lot.

The start


squirrel sign

In front of the car park, take the straight path, indicated by a sign engraved with a squirrel

Turn right

After about 100m, the path turns right into the woods. Continue following the signs engraved with a squirrel

Burnt oak and play station

Arrive at an intersection. Turn right after the themed wooden play station. On the left do not miss the legend of the burnt oak.

Burnt oak and play station


Turn right

After a slight descent, continue to the right, leaving a forest path coming from the left.

Play station

Go straight past the game terminal to recognize the tree leaves

3 way intersection

Arrival at an intersection with a game terminal on the right. Continue straight for the full turn. Possibility to take the path on the right to shorten the route.

3 way intersection


Path of the washerwomen

Continuing straight on at the intersection, we pass on the path of the washerwomen, until crossing the secondary road of Posafol.

Path of the washerwomen


First right

Go a few meters on the Posafol road and take the first right. Follow the paved road (passing in front of the model club) until you find the Vallière road and the departure car park.

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In case of rain

Do not panic ! Here are all our sheltered activities.

On the way back

To bring back a souvenir or something to treat yourself, stock up on local products from Pérouges in Bugey.








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