From Perouges to Bugey

The Arboretum Trail

This shady and cool path is taken at the height of a romantic ruined house, covered with ivy, at the foot of a pond where koi carp swim peacefully. Along the stream, the various trees are discovered to the Rhone.

Distance : 1.6 km
Duration : 0 p.m.
Level : Easy
Elevation : 9 D +
The Arboretum Trail
Distance : 1.6 km
Duration : 0 p.m.
Level : Easy
Elevation : 9 D +
Departure: Saint-Vulbas
Earth, Gravel, Suitable for all-terrain pushchairs
Pet Friendly
Download the circuit: GPX Roadmap

An easy, family, peaceful walk, where you can listen to the chirping of birds and the lapping of gently flowing water.

We pass from one small bridge to another, from a shrub to a tree where multiple forms of foliage, flowers, or branches are revealed.
Here and there small ponds invite you to contemplate the fish or the statue recalling the story of Duke Philibert le Beau.

We discover the old mill before crossing a field that leads straight to the ferry. From this place a splendid view opens up to you on the Rhône and its towpath.

Along the course, numerous benches, picnic tables or cleanliness facilities are all comfortable services for a serene walk.

We breathe, we admire, we marvel, we take a well-deserved break in the heart of nature, a stone's throw from the village.

Your itinerary

Departure Saint-Vulbas



Departure from the car park of the river stop, chemin du port. Go up the path to the port, leaving the Rhône at your back. NB: Nearby, a stele explains the principle of the trail ferry, used in the past to cross the Rhône.



Entrance to the arboretum

After about 200m at the intersection with rue des Sétives, the start of the path is opposite, at the level of a carp pond and a house in ruins with a tree in the middle. Follow the path straight.

Entrance to the arboretum


Philibert basin

After about 300 m, cross rue des Sétives to find the path opposite. Passage in front of the basin with the statue of Philibert le Beau de Savoie, having had the bad idea of ​​drinking too cold water here after a ride in hot weather. The poor fellow died of hydrocution a few days later. His wife Margaret of Austria built the monastery of Brou (in Bourg-en-Bresse) to accommodate his tomb. (A must visit!)

Philibert basin


old sawmill

Continue straight, small bridge over the stream before passing in front of the gazebo of a house on the edge of the path. Continue straight until you come to the building of the old sawmill. Turn left downhill at the foot of the building. At the bridge continue along the stream, on the right bank.

old sawmill


Intersection (variant)

At the next bridge, two possibilities of return: Either turn left on Chemin des Loys, crossing between cultivated fields and a housing estate, then right on Chemin du port. Either continue straight along the fields, then at the end left on the towpath on the banks of the Rhône. In both cases, return to the car park at the river stop.

Intersection (variant)

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In case of rain

Do not panic ! Here are all our sheltered activities.

On the way back

To bring back a souvenir or something to treat yourself, stock up on local products from Pérouges in Bugey.








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