From Perouges to Bugey

Bugey picker

Picker-producer-processor of 100% natural products, combining taste and medicinal properties. Reasoned approach to revaluing ancestral, atypical and authentic knowledge and know-how. 100% local, artisanal, sustainable, fair trade.

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Christophe offers you a beautiful range of atypical and ancestral products, combining taste and medicinal properties, without any additives. Plants with a proven therapeutic interest (perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants) are worked. He alone carries out the entire process from picking to selling! All in a process of promoting and preserving local natural resources.

Ideal for compound baskets, gastronomic discoveries, original and tasty gifts!

"100% pure and fresh" birch sap (1L glass bottle or 3L BIB, exclusively during the spring season when the sap rises), or flavored birch sap (ginger, birch buds, lemon, turmeric, citrus fruits, etc.)

Scots pine and fir buds in the form of syrups, jellies and macerates.

Flower syrups (poppy and meadowsweet), jellies (poppy, old roses, dandelion, cuckoo flowers, meadowsweet, lilac, elderflower...).
Syrups of aromatic plants (mints, thymes, fennel, lavender, oregano, Tulsi holy basil)
Jellies of aromatic plants (holy basil Tulsi, mints, thyme, meadowsweet, poppy...)
Nettle confit.

Walnut oil and walnut kernels.
Oils and vinegars flavored with flowers, buds and aromatic plants (rosemary, garlic, bay leaf sauce, thyme...).
Oils with rare flavors (ginger, porcini mushrooms, trumpets of death, hairy coprins).
Round of pestos: wild garlic, nettle, lemon basil, mint.
Make an appointment to ensure the presence of the picker.


  • Flowers, plants and derived products

Adapted tourism

  • Not wheelchair accessible



  • Parking nearby


Syrups between 5€ and 7€
Jellies between 3.50€ and 7€ depending on capacity
Oils and vinegars flavored with plants between €4 and €7 depending on capacity.

Syrups between 5 and 7€, Jellies between 3.50 and 7€ depending on capacity, Oils and vinegars flavored with plants between 4 and 7€ depending on capacity

Payment method

  • Cheque
  • Cash


All year by appointment only

Advice from the Office

In case of rain

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On the way back

To bring back a souvenir or something to treat yourself, stock up on local products from Pérouges in Bugey.