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Lac Bleu owes its name to the color of its waters ranging, depending on the light, from pale blue to turquoise... A peaceful place to stop at the picnic tables or start a hike on one of the many surrounding trails. . Unusual!

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It is reached by rue de Vareilles, which crosses the hamlet of the same name. The entrance to the valley is bordered on the left by the park of the Château de Tricaud and on the right by that of the Château des Échelles.

Along the way, you come across a Calvary and a wash house… At the foot of the valley lies the Grotte du Gardon where many archaeological digs have brought to light vestiges from the Neolithic era.

The place owes its name to the presence of an old copper extraction mine on the banks of the Gardon. Copper by oxidizing in contact with water produces a bluish color. It is possible that it is simply the reflections of light on the bottom of the water. Unless you prefer to believe in a magical effect...

We draw your attention to the fact that the site is prohibited for swimming and nautical activities. Nature is beautiful and belongs to all. Everyone has to be responsible for it. Thank you for not parking a vehicle in unauthorized spaces, let's take away our waste and respect the tranquility of the place and its inhabitants.
Swimming and fishing are not allowed.

Adapted tourism

  • Wheelchair accessible with assistance
  • Possibility to drop someone off in front of the site


Spoken languages

  • English


  • Pet Friendly


  • Picnic area.
  • Theme trail
  • Parking
  • Body of water
  • Free parking

Customer base

Maximum age: 99
Minimum age: 1


Free access.


Free access all year round.

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