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Looking for Halloween activities? Do not search anymore. With family, friends or alone, this discovery tour of the village of Briord will give you goosebumps...

Our brave trainee guide has tested for you audio tour of Briord. Several stages at the heart of ancient history, including the very intriguing Briarettes aqueduct… A great discovery to make for Halloween, or for an unusual family outing.

In the bag of Halloween adventurers:
– boots or good shoes
- flashlight
– free application Izi.travel*: download the content “underneath Briord”
You are ready, adventurers and adventurers!

Briord, visit of an ancient Gallo-Roman city

village de Briord

I'm Cécile, I discovered the village of Briord during a car trip in Bas-Bugey. I had heard of the archaeological excavations that had been carried out there, and many discoveries of Gallo-Roman remains in the surroundings. That said, I didn't expect to find so many surprises from Antiquity there: inscriptions, sarcophagi, cemetery, and even an aqueduct! Little explorers will be able to have a field day.

So far nothing scary, but the visit was just beginning…

I first went to the towpath, from where boats have been pulled along the Rhône since Gallo-Roman times. Indeed, Briord was then an important city from the point of view of trade, because it was located along the Rhône, and at the crossroads of several communication routes. I then got back in my car to go to Vérizieu, the first stage of the guided audio tour "Briord's underwear". The audio tour is suitable for all audiences, and allows you to discover Briord's past in a fun way, thanks to mysterious characters...

Ready to meet them? Start the sound!

Watch the full tour for free at Izi.Travel.

From the tunnel to the cemeteries: a journey for the brave

In the headphones, funny characters take you on a discovery of the old cemeteries and funerary sites of the city. A slightly disturbing adventure, but above all fascinating.

For the last stage of the route, the high point of this unusual visit, meet at the entrance to the Briarettes aqueduct via a wooded path, pleasant in all seasons. At the end of the path, the entrance to the tunnel awaits you, dark and shadowy...

It is a conduit on a human scale which crosses the hill of Briarettes. Will you take up the challenge to step into it? If you are claustrophobic, I advise you to go your way. I admit I was a bit scared when I first entered it. Don't forget your flashlights and rain boots, you will surely need them.

I will not tell you anything else ; the characters of the visit will explain all the secrets of this curious underground aqueduct! So, ready for a Halloween off the beaten track?

Explorer tips and bonuses

Cécile's note : I started by visiting the archaeological museum of Briord, managed by the SHABE association. It is full of objects and treasures dating back more than 2000 years. I was welcomed by volunteers who took the time to guide me through this remarkable heritage. My advice: the museum is only open on request, remember to call.

  • *The Izi.Travel application can be downloaded for free from PlayStore et AppleStore. Then proceed to a search for the term “Briord” or use the “around me” tool. As the 4G network is weak in Bugey, we advise you to download the content to your phone in advance for a better experience. (and remember to charge the battery! 🙂)
  • After this Indiana Jones journey, you might want to relax. Why not take advantage of the many addresses of wine cellars and other local producers ?

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