Professional area

Administrative procedures

Help for project leaders

You want to renting a furnished tourist property or suggest guest rooms to your home

You must declare them at the town hall.

Here are the documents to complete and submit to the town hall, which will give you the signed receipt of deposit:

If you rent less than 120 days per year your principal residence, you are not concerned by the declaration in town hall.

You want to classify Your establishment

You manage a hotel, a campsite or PRL, you have one or more furnished apartments, … and you want to classify your establishment (in stars)?
All the necessary information :

You sell packaged offers

You sell packaged products (your offer accompanied by another service provider's offer, with an all-inclusive price). You are subject to the registration of travel and holiday operators.
All the necessary information :

Collection of tourist tax on the CCPA

You operate accommodation on the territory of the Community of communes of the Plaine de l'Ain. You are therefore the collector of the tourist tax.
All the necessary information :

Organising an event open to the public on your property

You must take steps with the Prefecture.
All the necessary information :

You are organizing an event open to the public on your property

If you broadcast music or radio, don't forget SACEM.
All the necessary information:

You sell drinks in your establishment

Do you offer drinks in your establishment? Depending on the situation, you will need a license. Here are all the possible licenses: