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Marketing its services

Whether it is to appear on our website, in our promotional campaigns or in our “group” catalogues, our marketing department is there to support you!

Do you own tourist accommodation or a restaurant? Or are you perhaps an activity provider? Do you want to introduce your activity to as many visitors as possible? We have many proposals to help you through various collaborations such as being part of our “groups” catalog or appear in our promotional campaigns or even on our website. Our dedicated team is available.

Aurore est un personnage fictif vous aidant à comprendre la convention de mandat

To introduce you to our services, let us first introduce you to Aurore.
Aurora is a fictional character who will help you better understand how our marketing department works. Aurore is a winemaker. It produces wine, but it also organizes tastings and tours of the estate on request.

Marketing its services 

Like Aurora, any service provider can directly market its own services. From time to time, Aurore can therefore be contacted by individuals or groups who want to visit her estate and discover her wine.  

However, if a group contacts Aurore to organize a day with the discovery of the domain et a guided tour of the nearby charming village, legally Aurore does not have the right to offer her an “all-inclusive” day.   

Why ?  

Contrary to the marketing of its own services, the resale of the services of others is framed. So if Aurore is led to contact a guide to show the village after visiting her estate, this means that she is led to create what is called a “tourist product”. 

Creating (or setting up) a tourism product means combine at least two services and offer them at a global price to the customer. A tourist product can also be called "tourist package", "packaged offer" or simply "package". It may include:  

  • transport (train ticket, plane ticket, bus transport, transport by the service provider)
  • accommodation (hotel, campsite, bed and breakfast, etc.)
  • tourist services (accompaniment of hikes, guided tours, paid entrances to a site, etc.)

To protect the consumer, the sale of tourist products in France is strictly framed.  

What the law says:  

Textes de loi sur la convention de mandat

As soon as an organization intervenes in the organization or the sale of a service of which it is not the producer or when it creates a tourism product, it falls under the law of July 22, 2009 and must be registered with Atout France.  

It takes : 

  • a declaration of activity to Atout France
  • registration in the register of travel and holiday operators
  • specific professional civil liability
  • a financial guarantee, the amount of which is linked to turnover

This process must be repeated every 3 years. 

To know more.

To summarize :

Let's go back to Aurore and her group who asks her to show the village after the visit to the wine estate. Yes, Aurore has the necessary skills to visit the village by itself (a tour guide card, for example), she has every right to charge the group a flat rate “tour of the estate + wine tasting + guided tour of the charming village”. If Aurore has to call on an external guide, she does not have the right to offer an “all-inclusive” package to her group. It will therefore only be able to sell its own services. “tour of the estate + wine tasting”.  

In addition to the ban on selling tourist products, selling tourist services directly often involves the following difficulties: 

  • Lack of skills or means to attract new customers
  • Lack of visibility on the internet (which is the distribution channel most consulted by tourists)
  • Lack of time to be able to respond to various requests
  • If the tourist activity is not the main activity, the management of additional administrative work: phone calls, creation of quotes, signing of contracts, management of schedules, etc.

The good news is that our tourist office can help solve these problems and attract more customers!  

Group customers: integration with packaged products sold by the Tourist Office 

Our Tourist Office's mission is to develop packaged offers on our territory in order to meet tourist demands. We have therefore developed several ranges of offers adapted to different clienteles: adults, families, groups of friends, seniors, companies, children (schools and leisure centres).  

We put our skills and tools at your service, such as:  

  • Right to create and market tourism products through registration in the register of travel operators (number IM001180002)
  • Knowledge of the territory and its actors to better respond to customer requests
  • Mastery of quoting techniques to set the right price
  • Presentation of your offer in accordance with the expectations of different types of customers and publication in our catalogs
  • Efficient reservation management thanks to online reservation and sales software
  • Communication campaigns aimed at residents of Greater Lyon (families, young workers and business customers)
  • Support in the creation and sale of packaged products that you would like to offer to your customers
  • Advice on the use of different marketing tools

Any interested service provider has the possibility of integrating our packaged offers. All you have to do is contract with our tourist office by signing the mandate agreement. This agreement specifies the rights and duties of each, the selling prices of services and the tourist office's remuneration commissions. 

Individual customers: presence on the website and marketplace 

At the end of 2020, the tourist office will set up the "Showcase products". These are thematic holiday ideas offering a list of suitable service providers. Customers will be able to book their activities directly from our website via the marketplace.

Meet us

Are you interested in our offers? Let's meet up ! From October to March, our marketing department, Alexandra and Polina, travel regularly on the territory to meet new service providers.   

Do you also want to introduce your establishment, your offer and consider a collaboration together? Contact Alexander, marketing manager to arrange an appointment!  

To know more : 

The main laws and decrees related to the organization and sale of stays:  

  • Law 1992-645 of July 13, 1992 laying down the conditions for carrying out activities relating to the organization and sale of trips or stays.
  • Law 2009-888 of July 22, 2009  modifying the conditions of exercise of activities relating to the organization and sale of travel or stays. The organization is then subject to registration
  • Decree-2017 1871 from 29 2017 December taken for the application of Ordinance No. 2017-1717 of December 20, 2017 transposing Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 25, 2015 on package travel and related travel services .