Pérouges Bugey Tourism for professionals.


For years, the tourist office has maintained a network of partners made up of accommodation providers, restaurateurs and bars, activity providers, wine growers, artisans, associations, seminar venues and traders, etc. The advantages are numerous : meetings, synergies, training and support!

To better understand why become a partner, meeting on the dedicated page or access the partnership guide using the button below.

Organisational chart

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Tourist brochures

All our brochures (tourist map, magazine, thematic brochures) can be found on this page brochures. They are available online or downloadable in PDF.

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Photo Library

Pérouges Bugey tourism has a online photo library. Everyone can have access to it free of charge to download photos of your choice after registration. Photo credit remains mandatory.

Villages of character, landscapes, museums, nautical activities, iconic events or cultural monuments are to be found!

The creations of Pérouges Bugey Tourism

All year, creative teams of the tourist office work with pleasure create new promotion ideas of our beautiful territory. A brief overview of creations in progress or already launched.

Our magic recipe: the guided tour

Ah, the guided tour... Afraid it's long, uninteresting? Press ? What if visits to the office were a break, like a breather? The office invites visitors to let themselves be carried away, to savor, to really look and to understand a little more. 

Whether it is the unmissable visit to Pérouges or our other pretty villages, our tour guides dust off the old-fashioned image of the guided tour.

Guiding is our passion! 
Our Grail: the quest for a good time shared, rich and joyful exchanges. Our love of the small story in the big one, of the detail that has its importance, or of the amusing anecdote has no end.

Apidae: the basis of tourism professions

apidae is a tourist information system or database. That is to say a national online platform, bringing together practical information from players and tourist offers. It's here basis of our business !

  • The principle ? The creation of practical sheets online through digital forms.
  • To do what ? For relay your information on different media (such as this site, brochures, reception, agenda, etc.)
  • Who uses Apidae? Pérouges Bugey Tourism and all the major players in tourism In France(Ain Tourism...).

Everyone feeds from the same source: Apidae! Practical, free and simple to increase your visibility with visitors.

We'll explaine everything here :
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Apidae Event: announce an event at your tourist office

Apidae is also Apidae Event, a free online form that allows any tourism professional to announce an event. It's simple, fast and free all year round.
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