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Nautical activities at the gates of Lyon

On August 20, 2020 / Ideas for outings, Sport & Leisure

I'm taking my little family on board and off we go for a weekend of nautical activities

Ah summer… I love this season. But after the tenth “I'm hot! of the day from the children, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Fortunately, less than an hour from Lyon, we are lucky enough to have the beautiful and wild Ain river and the Rhône, calm and majestic... So I took my little family on board and off we went for a weekend. -end nautical activities. It's up to us!

Canoeing: on the sandstone of the river

Morning is the best time for descent of the Ain in a canoe. In the cool, my little family finds the Esquimaude in Pont d'Ain for the handling of the canoes. Let's go for 2 hours of descent! The current carries us, the paddle stroke is quiet, the landscapes pass by.

I had already tested the descent before, yet I don't recognize the places, it's a new exploration... The river is wild, every year its course changes. I see beyond the foliage beautiful castles, never noticed.

Splash, into the water!

Children want to swim. We stop on a pebble beach, far from the fishermen, so as not to disturb them. The little ones splash around while the older ones take the time to have a bite to eat. For the picnic, we went to the local producers, stock up on charcuterie, cheese and fresh vegetables. A delight !

Paddle and pedal boat, feet in the water

After the light exercise this morning, I need to relax. The Point Vert leisure center is ideal for that. We find it easily, and the free parking is huge. On the spot, the nautical club, specialist in nautical activities, allows us to rent paddles. I'm really surprised how quickly our little adventurers manage to stand up. As far as I'm concerned, I prefer to rent a pedal boat with my husband, to enjoy the scenery as a couple.

The waters of the Rhône are very calm. it gives the impression of being on a lake. With this view of Bugey, we would almost forget that we are so near lyon. I savor this moment of peace. Next time, the two of us will come back to rent a catamaran. A romantic stroll, alone in the world on the river, the dream...

A family night

Before taking possession of our room for the night, we make a stop in one of the Bugey cellars. White wine, and especially the fruit bat, it's my guilty pleasure!
For dinner, the family appreciates short circuits and local products. We will spend the evening at the table of cedars for a simple and tasty meal, in a pleasant setting.

Rafting & hydrospeed: thrills and fun

The next day, the batteries recharged, it's an active day that awaits us. We booked at Whitewater Space, which offers plenty of nautical activities. To start, we booked a rafting descent. The river, artificial, creates an important current. it looks sporty and at the same time very fun. I have a little apprehension when before getting on the rafting but it quickly vanishes when I see the children laughing out loud. They want more! Finally, everyone liked the 100% freshness sensations.

During this time, my husband is testing hydrospeed, he who likes strong sensations. In a few descents, he finds his marks and convinces me to try. Under the encouragement of the children, I launch myself. It's awesome ! Giant Thalasso effect guaranteed! We will all come back together, when the children are the required size.

Conclusion: a great family weekend, full of freshness. Two days between sensations and relaxation, sport and discovery. The perfect getaway to take a breath of fresh air with the children. We will definitely be back to take advantage of all that Bugey has to offer.

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