Okay, it's the holidays and it's raining. But from Pérouges to Bugey, nothing can stop you! Here is a list of activities to do when it rains. Rainy stay, happy stay!

Sheltered from the rain from Pérouges to Bugey

It's raining ? Classy! Of Perouges in Bugey, we are not afraid of the rain! Because even when it rains, there are always things to do in Ain to the east of Lyon. With family or friends, find a lieu or an sheltered activity to welcome you. Around here, it is possible to have fun, even inside !

Sightseeing and activities when it rains

De Perouges in Bugey in theAin, near Lyon, bad weather rhymes with good mood ! And what better than a visits although a the shelter inside when it rains ?

Castles and churches, the right plan to visit under cover

  • From April to October, the tourist office offers you shelter with visits to the Château de Chazey or the frescoes of the Château de Montferrand in Lagnieu.
  • The Romanesque church of St-Maurice-de-Gourdans offers year-round viewing of its beautiful restored 15th century frescoes. The office also offers a flash visit (1 hour) in summer.
  • Not to be missed Ambronay Abbey et Allymes castle can be visited all year round, whatever the weather!

Visit museums and caves, ideal in rainy weather

les grottes de la Balme, à 20 min de Lyon à visiter toute l'année quand il pleut ou par canicule
  • Museums and exhibitions are always a solution in case of bad weather. What will you enjoy? Railway workers, Bugey traditions or even digital arts…
  • The caves: the good plan B for your days of excursion when the weather is bad! 20 minutes from Pérouges, the Balme caves are open all year round (except February)

Creative workshops and indoor games

Ateliers enluminure organisé par l'office de tourisme à Pérouges pendant les vacances
  • Take advantage of the rainy weather to learn or discover the know-how of local creative artisans.
  • What could be nicer than drinking a warm coffee when it's raining outside? If in addition it is possible to test games, it's double the fun.
  • Indoor leisure is also a good opportunity to have fun with the family: Indoor recreation area, lasergame or bowling.

And don't forget to sing in the rain! 🙂

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