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Good news, there is a galette that can be eaten all year round! Only downside, it is only in Pérouges! What a pity, you will have to walk the cobblestones of this superb medieval city and delight your eyes before your taste buds...

The sun and freedom found make you want to sing? Once I tried… it rained immediately!
So I decided to put this article on the Perouges cake in poem:

"In this pretty little town not very far,
that since Lyon we reach in just one hour
I let myself be guided by pounding the cobblestones,
Par a nice fully costumed guide.

At the corner of a street as winding as it is splendid,
Where I let my candid man's senses wander.
Instantly my strong nasal appendage,
Was attracted by a colossal force.

Those who know me very well know that I have a nose,
To identify a fragrance, whether light or lively,
But of this sweet aroma there was no embarrassment,
Because it crept up to my stomach.

This is said to be a second brain,
On mine he took control in that alley,
Leading me extremely precisely,
At the exact source of this exquisite smell.

A pancake at a counter skillfully placed,
Emitted its aroma above the cobblestones,
After a quick order I was served,
Within the shop itself O Sophie's galettes »

My dietician told me: "beware of butter",
What good is health in the face of such a taste,
Since sugar, lemon and dairy product,
Brilliantly mingle in this specialty.

A passer-by told me Sept institutions,
Who released all this perfume to the four winds.
From then on, my late afternoon was devoted,
Tracking down these sweet delights to taste them all.

I will return to this city soon,
And my journey will surely be guided,
By a quest which, for me, never moves again:
I swear to eat all Perouges pancakes !

The points of sale of the galette de Pérouges

For all the foodies visiting the medieval city, this is the guide you need. Who knows, maybe the galette tasting will reveal the poet in you. At least that should help you test them all!

Vincent Gaullier

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